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ebay transaction service

Retail price:  6$  
Selling price: 3$

Ebay feedbak service

Retail price:  12$  
Selling price: 6$

Amazon Feedback

Retail price:  6$  
Selling price: 3.9$

Amazon Review

Retail price:  6$  
Selling price: 3.9$

Amazon feedback

Retail price:  6$  
Selling price: 3.9$

use ebay account for sale

Retail price:  100$  
Selling price: 39.9$

Brush a single security solutions
Account security guarantee:
(1) security sub account: our account is with foreign account registration, certification and IP address are abroad, each account is different, all accounts are used to 100-150 after evaluation, and then use the new account instead. And each site we also have hundreds of accounts, the evaluation of each account has more than 50. Put an end to "MC098 (not trusted buyers account)" appeared probability.  
(2) the normal Ebay purchase behavior: Ebay is the international platform, PAYPAL is not the only method of payment. EBAY support to PAY ON a PICK UP, personal cheque, bank transfer. We are using other payment methods. EBAY also received their clinch a deal cost. So we brush is not don't pay, just use other payment methods, clinch a deal cost is pay, EBAY is admitted to the real deal. A mature platform operation experience. 
Scale corporation:
(1)we from 05 contact ebay now, 10 years, every year there are a lot of money into the construction of hardware and software, the existing special salesman, technicians, accountants, technology research and development, ebay operation management personnel, 100 square room hardware facilities, etc. Hardware devices, we now have the small workshops can match, a few computers and Internet line, high repetition rate of IP, high repetition rate account, also is the irresponsible for sellers.  
(2) improve consulting Ebay account: attention to improve the seller account level, we have professional customer service and professional personnel on Ebay account question answer and discussion, according to customer the seller account level improve account plan formulation. 

Operation process

(1) We brush process completely, and the real deal. Since security (this step can be copied)

(2) Process for sellers to upload items, we foreigners ID to buy items here, select a cheque or bank transfer, payment 

process to an end. Seller marked for shipment (this step can be omitted, indiscriminate) 10 days after the goods bought, 

buy the part ID leave five-star evaluation. Buy 11 to evaluate (1, 2 buy 12 for evaluation).

(3) The seller please don't cancel the deal. 

(4) The end of the process. 

(5) The seller notice, be sure to shut down automatically open UNPAID CASE assistant in the account. Don't go to open 

unpaid dispute. If account must be open UNPAID, so need to open automatically in not paying before, the items we 

bought, labeled has collection! 

 (6) Taobao real trading is pay treasure payment. So our mindset is EBAY real trading is PAYPAL. 

In fact, EBAY is the international platform, PAYPAL is not the only way of payment. EBAY support to PAY ON a PICK UP, 

personal cheque, bank transfer.  We are using other payment methods, specific, is there any payment, only you I know.

 EBAY also received their clinch a deal cost. 

 (7)So we brush is not don't pay, just use other payment methods, clinch a deal cost is pay, EBAY is admitted to the real 



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